Santa Cruz, CA

You have come to the right place if you want to discover the town of Santa Cruz, California and its nearby cities. Whether you are a vacationer who needs a break from the rat race. Or a long time resident of this coastal town with a desire to check out new restaurants or events. This site is broken down into three sections: Events, Places and Social Media. Explore Santa Cruz and have fun doing it!


music events

Do you find yourself with nothing to do this weekend? In this section, there are various events held in or around Santa Cruz. Is the Santa Cruz Film Festivial coming soon? Or perhaps you want to create a goal to run the 5K race. Find some clean clothes from your dryer and go mingle at the upcoming events.

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local business

Santa Cruz is well known for it surfing and skateboarding. However, there are lots of places to visit to make the most of your leisure. This online directory includes restaurants, parks, museums, and retail shops. See what places this city has to offer.

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Social Media


Social media has gained popularity, so it has become a powerful tool. You can learn what this city has to offer by reading other people's post. Did you know you can rent a treehouse located in the Santa Cruz mountains? You can visit the cutest cats and dogs from Santa Cruz SPCA. Debate which pizza pub to order food before you head over to the beach... Discover what others are saying about Santa Cruz.

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