What does Santa Cruz have that Pismo Beach doesn't?
Answer: The boardwalk has rollercoasters.

Is there a local museum that can get a little hairy?
Answer: Yes, there is an entertaining museum called Bigfoot Discovery Project in Felton.

How long did it take to built the iconic Giant Dipper roller coaster?
Answer: 47 days.

In 2005, what was the median household income in Santa Cruz?
Answer: b) $65K

What is the median price for a house in Santa Cruz?
Answer: $797,400

Why does it pay to arrive early in Santa Cruz on July 4th weekend?
Answer: Otherwise, you could be spending your leisure on hwy 17 gridlock.

What are the names of two police dogs working the streets of Santa Cruz?
Answer: Lobo and Argus are the two dogs that make up the K-9 unit. Do you think you can outrun them?

What are the red meters located in downtown?
Answer: Since 2010, the city is using these meters to help fund outreach services for panhandlers.

What was the first day the current Town Clock operate at the tower building?
Answer: The brass plate attached to the building states January 22, 1900.

How many sworn police officers work for Santa Cruz PD?
Answer: 94